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Grips are always challenged to figure out ways of supporting cameras to achieve specific shots,this is one of those shots .....

The idea was for the camera to be mounted to the driver's side door and see a guy driving his car in reverse as he crashes into another car .... then in the same shot they wanted the camera to come off the door and go wide revealing both cars and more action.

This shot was tough to figure out however

Key Grip Greg Flores along with Rudy Covarrubias made this

shot possible by rigging speedrail across the hood of the car for a Steadicam Rig with Gyro Stabilizers.

The whole rig was held down by one ratchet strap and the way this worked was as the driver drove the car in reverse and the cars crashed,the ratchet strap was released freeing the rig as the Steadicam operator attached to the camera and floated off the car for a wider shot of the action.

Here is the rehearsal of the rig in action....

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