Matthews sets the standard for high quality grip equipment.

This video from 1989 looks back at the old building on Empire Street and the staff... many of whom still continue to build grip, camera and lighting support equipment at the current location in Burbank California where Matthews introduced the very first folding leg C-stand, as well as the first spring loaded C-stand and the turtle based C-stand, and while they all may look similar today, they have been completely redesigned. The grip heads now lock in both directions... no more lefty loosey!

Also the V-concept brass brake shoes have a three point contact and stainless steel plus vibration proof T-handles. These are just a few of the latest improvements.

In addition to the many refinements of the standard grip gear, make sure to check out the new Dutti Dolly, Infinity Arm, Cam Tank, their new sliders and of course, the Academy Award winning Max Menace Arm.

To find out more, and if you haven’t already, feel free to visit their new manufacturing facility on Valerio st, in Burbank, CA. Email: Phone: (818) 843-6715


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