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In 1999 there was only a few ways to create camera movement during film making. Dollies and cranes were the most popular at the time however filming in smaller spaces was challenging. The need for a more compact camera-movement system was needed and it sparked the imagination of Key Grips Ron Veto and Jerry Giacalone. They had a vision and set out to create what is now known as a camera slider.

They began designing the slider with an aluminum channel that was used for car mounts at the time. After lots of creative thinking, work and determination. "The Slider" was introduced to the film industry. Ron remembers the first time "The Slider" worked on the set and it was an immediate hit. Grips loved the quick setup and camera operators raved about its precise movement and ease of control.

Ron and Jerry went into business manufacturing and renting to film productions. Now camera sliders are used by film makers worldwide and "The Original Slider" continues to be a leader in the Motion Picture Industry.

Here is a picture of the very first slider they created...

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