Camadeus Film Technologies are excited to offer Local 80 Grip Teams the use of a Precision Leveling Track Kit for a day at no cost. We want feedback from Grips on this addition to the Panther range of Dolly Track.

The system works via Telescopic Tubes.

The Tubes come in four different heights: 14", 7", 4.6"and 2.5" - giving an overall range of 0" - 27". Each piece of Precision Leveling Track can easily support 4000lbs. Once the telescoping tube height is higher than 14" - additional strengthening cross-braces can be used.

Included in the Local 80 Demo Kit...

3 - 7'6" PLT Track (Std width 24.4" )

3 - 5' PLT Track (Std width 24.4" )

Studio cart containing:

10 - 14" Long Telescoping Tubes

14 - 7" Medium Telescoping Tubes

18 - 4.6" Short Telescoping Tubes

26 - 2.5" Leveling Tubes

Cross-braces, Tie Braces, and Wood Plates

Contact Chris Hobbs or Sebastian Lumme at

(818) 764-1234 or

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