2017 was very exciting for the Grip Industry. Lets take a look at some of the newest features and advancements from some of the leading companies in the industry...

American Grip Inc. not only launched a new website this year, they also came out with new Curved Track for the Dana Dolly system.

A Dana Dolly 1-Rise low Combo Stand that includes a top channel, two Rocky Mountain Legs and can now come in all black.

Custom SKB Travel Cases that carry 2 new all black Dana Dolly Stands, 6 wheels with brakes and the New Drop Down Kits that can get Dana Dolly track as low as two inches off the ground

Matthews Studio Equipment Inc. came out with many great things like the new My Way Grip interchangeable rigging system.

C-Stand Rolling and Shoulder KitBag​s for those that travel with C-Stands.

The Slider Stand which is a wide-based stand with two Rocky Mountain legs and a low working height for those using camera sliders or other Dolly Systems.

The Dutti Dolly which is now one of the best portable dollies in the film industry with the option to roll two inches off the ground and can ride on many surfaces, tracks and more.

Modern Studio Equipment continued making great quality products and started promoting "Modern Mondays"

offering great deals on Modern Grip Equipment... Get these deals when

you subscribe to and

Modern Studio Equipment also brought their showroom to life with lots of products and style... giving clients the ability to visualize and create.

Norms Studio Equipment came out with a new 40" Super C-Stand...

a heavyduty version of a standard century

stand only with bigger risers and is also available in a new void black design.

Norms also came out with a lowering kit that mounts on slider stands to lower track for the Norms Stealth Dolly and other dolly systems.

​Chapman/Leonard continued innovating and improving the camera movement industry with the Hybrid IV Dolly that has many great features...

The Cobra Dolly that is compact and easy to carry...

The New Chapman/Leonard Trailblazer vehicle that can reach speeds of 50mph with an open cab, a short wheel base, two rear seats and can easily support small jibs, cranes and remote head systems.

C/L Enterprises, a descendent of Chapman_Leonard is proud to announced the acquisition of Spacecam Systems, Inc.

Spacecam Systems,Inc. has proven to be a front runner in gyro stabilization and software engineering for the motion picture industry, so its exciting to see them combine forces and continue innovation in the world of cinematography.

J.L. Fisher came out with a Refined Hydraulic Control on their model 10 and 11 dollies that made a dramatic improvement in the way the lift operates.. giving dolly grips the ability to repeat moves at the same speed with smoother starts and stops.

The LA Rag House continued making high quality rags and also began manufacturing new innovative grip equipment parts like the..

2 Way Pass Corner that allows you to adjust a frame in any direction

The Triangle Truss Maker with the grub nuts in a spot that can be tightened or loosened without spinning the entire rig.

The Wall Spreader kit that has a new feature that allows the spinning bolt to go inside of the pipe.

Canvas Grip has really made an impact in the industry with their new product designs, great prices and customer service. They use strong, reliable materials on there sandbags, shotbags and rags but somehow keeping the prices low making them one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.

The Slider company launched a new website that shows the many ways their camera sliders can be used and their ability to add Hot Gears which gives you smooth repeatable motion control vertically or horizontally at fast and slow speeds.

Fox Studio Grip Department customized many grip trucks this year with their Quikstax's Shelving System. These shelves can be customized any way you want for lumber, crates, stands, dolly track and more.

Filmotechnic USA recently moved into an expanded 11,000 square foot Los Angeles based headquarters where they advanced their electronics on the new Flight Head 6, introduced the lightweight Apex Head

Filmotechnic USA also announced the arrival of the new Russian Camera Arm 6.

Studio Carts continued fabricating top of the line carts for the industry...

and made many custom fabrications on sprinter vans and other vehicles with racks and shelving for the industry...

GripTrix continues to lead the industry with their Electric Camera Cars that can quietly drive on many terrains and include air bag suspension, cheeseplate panels for rigging points, ability to support jib arms or camera cranes, battery power, fast speeds, a quiet disc brake system, towing capabilities, rideable accomodations with repositional seats and more.

GripTrix also has a new CineTrix portable power pack system that supplies clean power to mobile telescopic camera cranes, lighting and other camera equipment, eliminating the need for trailing power lines or noisy generators.

Clamps Unlimited Inc. came out with newly designed Cheseborough Clamps...

The new design on rigid and swivel clamps have ridges for better grip and fit both 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" pipe.


In January of 2017 a resource website named was launched.

This site includes everything you need from the grip industry worldwide.

Check it out today at

Happy New Year!

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