A few weeks ago...

    Local 80 Dolly Grip Kent Alexander showed up to

    the set as everyone was setting up for a scene of a car crash. The idea was for a stake bed to pull a car to a place where another car crashes into it.

    The Director and DP wanted a camera close to the crash on a crane to start low and boom up high during the shot but Kent didn't feel that the crane was in a safe place so he suggested locking it off.

    The grips added a stand to the front of the crane and made it a little more front heavy for stability.

    On Action! Both cars got up to speeds of more then 20mph but they missed and didn't have a way to slow down sending one car into a tree and the other into the camera crane!

    Thankfully everyone was ok and there was only minor damages to the C.S Base Proving that Chapman/Leonard cranes are built to last!

    If you ever feel like something seems unsafe,

    Please let the right people know!

    Here is a video someone shot of the accident...

    Minor damages to the wheel of the C.S Base

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